No, not the TV show. As my first year of college drew to a close, I felt lost. Not just literally from the course I was in, but I felt I had also lost a little of myself along the way, I was supposed to have loved this, this college course, this year. Instead, I had left unsure of what I was studying, unsure of why I didn’t love it, what I should now love, and what that would mean for my future. I had a plan, I had it all planned out, and now there was none.

The Clash’s question of ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ was the question that played on my own brain relentlessly. Do I stay, follow through with my plan, play it safe, whilst remaining miserable studying something I detested? Or should I leave my course, and take a risk, potentially entering into a better or far worse situation that I was already in. With my indecision at hand I decided to do what any stereotypical teenager in crisis would do. I left for New York.

Seriously, who writes this stuff.



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