No Returns

October mid- term couldn’t have come sooner. I had had enough change and “newness” at that stage to last me a lifetime. Of course, it was no vacation, the pressure of my first assignments due during that week was looming over me. Developing a true dislike for the course, Zoe and I were dreading the thought of handling our first college assignments and seeing as we only had each other to confide in about everything made them all that more difficult to complete. Somehow, I got through them and my blissful break was coming to an unfortunate regretful end.

Remember that chain reaction I talked about earlier, how entering my course was the beginning of it? Well this may be another, maybe one of the more significant events along the chain.

I decided to text Zoe, see if she got through her assignments, and to see was she dreading coming back as much as I was. Her reply was, anything but what I imagined.

“Hey so sorry haven’t talked to you in ages everything’s been a bit hectic! I wanted to meet with you and tell you but I withdrew from the course because I really really didn’t think it was for me but we still have to stay in contact!!”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. My eyes scanned through the words as if they weren’t even connected. My one friend was leaving.

“Oh my god”, I think was my reply, or, something to that effect.

“Oh shit”, was the one in my head.

And I was screwed.


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