Prom Night- Part 1

Where do I even begin when it comes to describing my prom night? Should I start at the sleepless night beforehand? At the beginning of the day waking up with my stomach a- flutter with butterflies- for all the wrong reasons? Or walking down stairs with my heart beating out of my chest into a... Continue Reading →

Prom The Date- Part 2

The second time wasn’t nothing. It was a very big something. I guess this part is going to be a sample of my excessively unsuccessful (I hate this word) “love life”. To give you all some backstory, I had been- I don’t even know how to describe it- talking (?) to this boy called… let’s... Continue Reading →

Prom The Date- Part 1

Love it or hate, it, prom (or debs as it is known in Ireland) is that one seemingly infinite night where it feels like anything is possible. That one night where the girls wear long dresses so they can feel like princess’ and the boys wear suits and tuxedos so they can pretend they’re our... Continue Reading →

Chain Reaction

A chain reaction, as defined by the Oxford dictionary is “A series of events, each caused by the previous one”. And on the 21st August 2016, that is exactly what I initiated. If any of you, my readers remember back to my earlier posts, you’ll remember that torment they call the Leaving Certificate in Ireland,... Continue Reading →


This is going to be a hard one. Few things matter to me in life, like most people, my friends and family are one of them. They are who I love, who I live for. Summer 2016 was the day my best friend was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and went away to begin recovery. That... Continue Reading →

The Aftermath

Upon the conclusion of the festival, next along the line of my series of unfortunate events again stems from my first fatal flaw, the intoxication. Yes, we all know alcohol makes you do stupid things, the stupidest thing it made me do is forget. Forget to eat, to drink, (anything apart from alcohol at least)... Continue Reading →

Surviving my First Festival

The 16 July was an important date in 2016. Firstly, it was my best friend’s birthday, and secondly it was Ireland’s biggest fashion show, or should I say, my first music festival. So much time and energy is spent by (mostly) girls about what to wear, what hairstyle to choose, how many tiny dots to... Continue Reading →

Seeking Refuge

The Leaving Certificate was the storm I had been waiting for to hit for several years now, and the 8th of June 2016 was impact day. It brought with it all the destruction and devastation that had been predicted. My mental breakdowns and friends’ meltdowns were forecast in advance and inevitably unavoidable. We were constantly... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

I’ve been advised to start a blog. I’ve been advised to start a blog for several reasons. I’m completely lost in life right now and hopefully writing about it will give me some sense of clarity (I write this with a lot of scepticism) . I want to be a writer and despite the successful... Continue Reading →

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