Christmas was a welcome break. And by welcome, I mean I don’t know what I would have done without it. Armed with information on dropping out of college and switching programmes, I spent my Christmas researching, instead of studying as I had no idea of what the next semester would hold. Having so much time... Continue Reading →


Life doesn’t follow a plan

Life doesn't have a plan, or won't follow one. This post will be a little different. I'm not following my plan, because life didn't let me. I planned to tell you, my reader, or whoever out there is reading this, how I came to be here, writing this blog. To do that, I needed to... Continue Reading →

An Impractical Joke

My first semester was when I met Peter for the first time. Of course, along with him came Kai and Simon. But we’ll get to them later. So, where had we left off? Oh yes,  at shit. Zoe had just left and I was dreading returning to college after mid- term without the support of... Continue Reading →

No Returns

October mid- term couldn’t have come sooner. I had had enough change and “newness” at that stage to last me a lifetime. Of course, it was no vacation, the pressure of my first assignments due during that week was looming over me. Developing a true dislike for the course, Zoe and I were dreading the... Continue Reading →

Fitting In

That first semester was a constant struggle to fit in and adjust to after what felt like being thrown into the deep end. It was both exciting and terrifying at the same time- but I think that was the best part. I was introduced to new found subjects and began to miss my old ones,... Continue Reading →

Making Connections

My second day of college was when I met my classmates for the first time. My second day was also when I met Zoe and Victoria for the first time. After my first day, I was extremely nervous for the second. It was like my anxiety was happening in reverse, like the universe had got... Continue Reading →

First Day of College

September 2016 was my first day of college. I was excited. All summer long I had been listening to friends and family about how great college was going to be, and all the interesting people I would meet. I couldn’t wait to start this new beginning and I looked forward to the unknown and uncertainty... Continue Reading →

Prom Night- Part 2

The problem with going to prom with your friends is the limo. And the problem with that is the order in which everyone wants to be picked up in. No one wants to go first, and everyone wants to be last. For weeks prior, passive aggressive text messages were exchanged between the 6 of us... Continue Reading →

Prom Night- Part 1

Where do I even begin when it comes to describing my prom night? Should I start at the sleepless night beforehand? At the beginning of the day waking up with my stomach a- flutter with butterflies- for all the wrong reasons? Or walking down stairs with my heart beating out of my chest into a... Continue Reading →

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